Laser Squad Week: The Remakes

As we conclude our Laser Squad week, we take a look at some of the remakes that have been developed over the past few years… This is essentially a straight remake of the Spectrum version, but playable in your browser. All the original scenarios are here, including the expansion packs and ‘The Return to Moonbase’ homebrew scenario. It is a very accurate port and [... read more ...]

Golden Axe Myth released on PC

Golden Axe Myth is a PC Windows fanmade prequel to Sega’s classic side-scrolling brawler. The three main characters from the original classic – Ax Battler, Tyrus Flare and Gilius Thunderhead – are present along with a fourth surprise playable character. Their task: take on the evil that has crept into the Empire of the Joined Lands and retrieve the stolen Golden Axe. Based on the [... read more ...]

H.E.R.O. remade for PC

The classic Atari 2600 game H.E.R.O. (Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation) has been remade on the PC Windows platform. Just like the original game, the player uses a helicopter backpack to enter an underground network of mines to rescue trapped victims, while fending off various creatures and clearing obstacles. This freeware fanmade remake attempts to recreate the Atari-XL version from scratch – there is no emulation [... read more ...]

Final version of Streets of Rage Remake released

You’ve probably seen the previews, seen the four-page article in Retro Gamer many moons ago, but only now has Bombergames released the completed version of Streets of Rage Remake. Eight years in the making, Streets of Rage Remake is, of course, a fitting tribute to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis side-scrolling beat-’em-up series. However, this simply isn’t a straight remake. Several additional stages have been created, [... read more ...]

King's Quest III Redux released on PC & Mac

AGD Interactive has released the eagerly anticipated adventure game King’s Quest III Redux on PC and Mac. The original King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human was released on the Apple II and PC back in 1986 by Sierra Online and tells the story of a kidnapped boy called Gwydion, who escapes and travels back to his home town of Daventry to discover his origins. [... read more ...]

Batman Remake released on PC

The classic Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond 8-bit isometric puzzle adventure has been remade for the PC thanks to the Retrospec team (known for remakes of other classics such as Atic Atac, Chuckie Egg, Head Over Heels, Klass of 99, Lunar Jetman, Manic Miner, Wizball and much more). Coded by Tomaz Kac, the remake faithfully keeps the retro feel of the original while providing a [... read more ...]

Binary Land remake

The classic Hudson Soft puzzle game Binary Land, which was originally released on a handful of various formats in the mid 1980s (including the Famicom), has been remade for Windows. Developed by Sokurah, with graphics by Lobo and music by Spacefractal, the game tasks the player with reuniting two penguins, Gurin and Malon, at the end of each level. It won’t be that simple, though, [... read more ...]

Space Invaders

Space Invaders remake… Need I say more? Weblink:

Robotz DX

Robotz DX is an updated PC remake/re-imagining of an Atari ST game called Robotz. Developed by James at RGCD (home of the quality html based indie/retro magazine of the same name) Robotz DX keeps the gameplay firmly in classic territory, what with Alien Breed/Gauntlet style dungeons gameplay action. The game is freely available to download, but a boxed copy can be obtained from the website [... read more ...]

South Africa World Cup 2010 Microprose Soccer

  Mircoprose Soccer, which was developed by Sensible Software, is often hailed as the forerunner to the excellent Sensible Soccer and is a great little game in itself. With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa nearing, the classic soccer game has been updated by AEG Soft for the C64 to include the latest international teams and skill levels. A fine update of a classic [... read more ...]

Donkey Kong remake

Everyone knows the classic Donkey Kong arcade game and everone knows that the Amstrad CPC Donkey Kong is the best 8-bit arcade conversion ever (just ask Staurt Campbell). Well, if you thought that the CPC version was good, things are looking even better with Mick Farrow’s remake. Check out the game discussion and download link over at Retro Remakes’ forum. Weblink:,1736.0.html

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy remake

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, eh? What a great TV show and what a fine adventure game. That was then, this is now. The original game, which was released by Infocom in 1984, was a text adventure, but the remake uses a point and click interface. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy remake was developed by the development team at H2G2, which consists of [... read more ...]

Knight Lore remake

“The original Knight Lore is considered by many as a true classic game…” Yes, I’m quoting myself here. “Developed and released by Ultimate Play the Game on the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, and the BBC in 1984,” the game was updated with a version for the MSX2 (released last year and was reviewed in issue 3 of Retroaction), we now have an updated remake for [... read more ...]

LV-426 (Aliens remake)

Aliens was arguably the best of the sci-fi film series — certainly, the most action packed — so it’s great to see the remake of the best game that was based on this film get updated to version 1.5.  Everyone should know the plot — which happens to take place on a planet called LV-426 — so I won’t repeat it here…  Suffice to say [... read more ...]

The Detective remade on Nintendo DS

Headsoft follow their excellent Manic Miner The Lost Levels with a remake of the 1986 Commodore 64 classic The Detective. In the role of a Scotland Yard detective, the player is tasked with investigating the murder of a wealthy businessman called Angus McFungus. There is more than meets the eye here, however, and some clever detective skills will be needed if the killer is to [... read more ...]