Raiders of the Lost Arcades: Battle Lane Vol. 5!

[Continuing our reminiscence of Retroaction's launch two years ago, we take a look at the very first 'Raider of the Lost Arcades' article, which was first published in issue 1.] Arcade gaming used to be a staple diet for most gamers across the land, with such great innovative games like Space Harrier, OutRun, Operation Wolf and many more showing the way forward for computer and [... read more ...]

Raiders of the Lost Arcades: Shinobi

Whenever I think of Shinobi, I think of freshly cooked chips with salt and vinegar. Why? Well, pull up a chair as this goes back a few years to my schooldays. During our lunch break, one of my friends and I would race down to the local fish and chip shop to play this game before any one else could. The game made that much [... read more ...]