Racketboy Podcast #16

Racketboy Podcast #16 is available to download. This episode focuses on Urban Strike, which was Racketboy’s Together Retro game for the month, and the Strike series as a whole, with interviews from Mike Posehn & Dave Foley. [...]

Racketboy Podcast 11 – Live @ TooManyGames

The Racketboy podcast features interviews and soundtracks from the world of Retrogaming. This edition of the podcast was recorded live at the TooManyGames convention in Reading, PA. Highlights for this episode include: (Outrun Intro – Mega Drive/Genesis) (Dave’s Intro (Kid Icarus Intro – NES) (Interview with Thomas Sansome, Video Game Trader Magazine (After Burner III theme – Sega CD) (Interview with Joe LeVan, Challenge Arcade [... read more ...]

Together Retro Game Club: X-Com UFO Defense

This is a fine feature and has been running over at Racketboy for some time now, but I felt paricularly compelled to check out the choice of game this time. UFO: Enemy unknown (aka X-Com UFO Defence) is the game chosen this time and was developed by Julian Gollop, who happened to produce one of my own fave games of all time, and the predecessor [... read more ...]

Racketboy Podcast #9

Racketboy Podcast Episode 9 – PAX East Retro-Roundup Part 1 has been released.  In this episode we have interviews with Gary Vincent (from The American Classic Arcade Museum), Stewart Nacht (from CheapAssgamer CAGCAST), Joe Santulli (from Digital Press) and Jamie (from Game Underground).  The podcast file and more details can be found at RetroGaming with Racketboy’s webpages (link below). Weblink:  Racketboy Podcast Episode 9