Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 2

Man, we’ve been meaning to look at this fantastic compilation for some time (sorry for the delay, Alf). To be honest, when we first heard about Shoot ‘Em Up Destruction Set 2, we didn’t know what to expect and weren’t that thrilled about playing a bunch of shoot-’em-ups. Our initial trepidationwas soon unfounded, as the compilation features such a varied mix of classics from Alf Yngve. [... read more ...]

One Man & His Mic #17: Psytronik Special

If great gaming soundtrack tunes is your thing then check out Episode 17 of One Man & His Mic. The episode was originally released as a bonus extra with the Armalyte PC remake, which was released last year (check out the Retroaction issue 4 review for that). As a year has passed, the podcast special has now been released by Psytronk as a free download. [... read more ...]

Sub Hunter converted to the Amstrad CPC

Sub Hunter is an excellent Commodore 64 shoot-’em-up/rescue game (read our review of the game in issue 1), developed by Richard Bayliss & Frank Gasking and released through Psytronik, so it’s fantastic news to hear that it has been ported over to the Amstrad CPC. Paul Kooistra, who has such recent CPC hits as Star Sabre and Dead on Time has done a fantastic job [... read more ...]

Dead On Time tape version released at Psytronik

Dead on Time, a fantastic looking Amstrad CPC shoot-’em-up from the makers of Star Sabre, has now been released on tape courtesy of Psytronik. The game involves the player staying alive as long as possible while attacking aliens in the arcade mode with a points scoring challenge in the score challenge mode. Full details of the game can be found at the Dead on Time [... read more ...]

Star Sabre 128k released on Amstrad CPC

An updated 128k version of the Amstrad CPC game Star Sabre has been released by Axelay, which takes advantage of the extra 64k of memory. The game, which was originally released last year, is a classic style side-scrolling shoot-’em-up with some great graphics and gameplay. The game was rather harshly reviewed in the Amstrad Action tribute issue, so here’s hoping we can make amends with [... read more ...]

Sub Hunter C64 download now available

As a Christmas present, The New Dimension team have made the shoot-‘em-up Sub Hunter available as a free download after previously being available only as a cassette purchase from Psytronik Software. The download also includes exclusive extras. More details and download can be found at The New Dimension’s Sub Hunter download page. The game’s plot tells of a scientific experiment that has gone slightly awry, [... read more ...]