4 Player Games Compilation released on Commodore 64

To celebrate their 15th Anniversary – founded late in 1996 – Protovision have released a special boxed compilation set comprising of four of their Commmodore 64 games. The 4 Player Games Compilation features the four player games Bomb Mania (Bomberman clone), Hockey Mania, Team Patrol and Tanks 3000, which can all be played with four players simultaneously. Hurry, though, as stock is limited to 40 [... read more ...]

The Adventures of Jim Slim in Dragonland released on C64

Protovision have just announced the release of their latest hit for the Commodore 64. The Adventures of Jim Slim in Dragonland” (aka Jim Slim) is a jump-’n’-roll platform game where you control a colourful ball named Jim who has been tasked with retrieving a magical skull from the demon Warlord Gothar. Not only that, but Jim’s girlfriend, Candy, has also been kidnapped. Jim must make [... read more ...]