Laser Squad Week: The 8-bit Versions

Following our retrospective intro, we continue our Laser Squad week by looking at the 8-bit versions of the game and the videogaming magazine’s views at the time… ZX Spectrum (1988) The original, as mentioned, is a fine game with minimalist aesthetics. While the graphics may well be monochrome, they are functional and suffer no colour clash. Sound is very sparse but effective. The gameplay is [... read more ...]

Adventure In Time released on Commodore Plus/4

Yes, that’s right, a new game released on the underrated Plus/4. Created by K. Róbert with music by C. Luca and released by Assassins. Adventure In Time tells the story of a little yellow blob who travels in time after discovering a Time Scrambling Machine. Taking control of our little hero, the player has to traverse the platforms avoiding the nasties throughout. The game is [... read more ...]