Zooming Secretary released on NES

It’s not often we get to play much in the way of NES homebrew games at Retroaction. However, Zooming Secretary is one game we simply couldn’t ignore. Developed by Shiru in collaboration with PinWizz, the game has the player in control of a new secretary who must make it through a week’s trial without getting fired. This involves answering telephone calls, filing and the usual [... read more ...]

Mean Machines issue 6 digitally archived

We head back to the birth of the console gaming boom with issue 6 of Mean Machines from March 1991, courtesy of meppi from Out-of-Print Archive, who has lovingly digitally restored the magazine to its former glory. This was a time when the classic multi-format console magazine covered the Sega Master System, Mega Drive, NES, Game Boy and the ill-fated GX4000. As usual, four articles [... read more ...]

Nintendo Age Volume 5 Issue 3

With Volume 5 Issue 3, NintendoAge displays a superb new look – very retro. The videogaming ezine, which is getting back into its monthly release, contains articles on everything to do with Nintendo, from articles to reviews. This issue’s main feature is Action 52, an article on the quest to find a copy of the unlicensed NES cart compilation. Other articles include Final Fantasy II, [... read more ...]

Super Play Issue 6 Digitally Archived

If you still haven’t read or even heard of the cult classic gaming magazine Super Play then hang your head in shame. Fortunately, you can redeem yourself by quickly reading up on the magazine’s history at Wikipedia, then the fantastic behind the scenes feature at Nintendo Life, then take a look at Richard Cobbett’s lookback at the classic mag, and check out all the previous [... read more ...]

NES-Bit Magazine System issue 1

As reported a short time ago, a new zine titled NES-Bit Magazine System was in the works and now it’s finally here in all its glory. Created by the Nintendo community, the zine is devoted to the NES with articles, reviews and much more. With a colourful design and enthusiastic team of writers, this is one zine to look out for. For their inaugural issue, [... read more ...]

N64 Magazine issue 4 digitised

The fourth issue of N64 Magazine from July 1997 has been digitally archived over at Out-of-Print Archive.  The classic videgogaming magazine from Future Publishing was the spiritual successor to the cult Super Play magazine and followed Nintendo’s 64-bit games console.  To accompany the digital release, there are four articles to view online which were taken from he magazine and include ‘How to survive in a [... read more ...]

NES-Bit fanzine in the works

A brand new fanzine focused on Nintendo’s 8-bit gaming consoles is in the works. NES-Bit fanzine is the brainchild of NES-Bit‘s Lorfarius and will cover the NES, Game Boy and Game Boy SP. While there are several volunteers already onboard working on articles and reviews for inclusion in the first issue, NES-Bit are looking for more Nintendo 8-Bitters willing to help out with any articles [... read more ...]

Nintendo Age ezine August 2011

The return of the Nintendo Age ezine last month wasn’t a flash in the pan one-off, because here we have issue 2 of volume 5. Nintendo Age covers all things Nintendo and in this issue there is a look at the classic SNES RPG, Earthbound, along with other articles including From Cards to Carts, Hombrewing the Death of an Empire, accessory spotlight and more. The [... read more ...]

Super Play issue 5 digitally archived at Out-of-Print Archive

The fifth issue of the classic videogaming magazine, Super Play, has been digitally archived over at Out-of-Print Archive. This issue from March 1993 was scanned and edited by meppi and is another outstanding effort – be sure to check out the work that was undertaken to preserve one page. This is the lengths Out-of-Print Archive (OoPA) go to preserve the magazines back to their former [... read more ...]

N64 Magazine issue 3 digitally preserved

Coincidentaly tying in with Retro Gamer’s current coverage of Nintendo’s 64-bit console, N64 Magazine, which was Future Publishing’s spiritual successor to the popular Super Play, has had its third issue from June 1997 digitally preserved at Out-of-Print Archive. The N64 Magazine #3 page at Out-of-Print Archive has the issue’s editorial details, full contents list, links to online articles taken from the issue and, of course, [... read more ...]

Original Fire Emblem receives English translation

Fans of the Fire Emblem series and strategy games in general are in for a treat as the original Fire Emblem game has been translated into English thanks to two enthusiastic fans Quirino and HHHIII. Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ry? to Hikari no Tsurugi (translated to Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light) was released on the Famicom and remained a Japanese exclusive game until now. [... read more ...]

N64 Magazine issue 2 at Out-of-Print Archive

The second issue of N64 Magazine from May 1997 has just been archived over at Out-of-Print Archive. The N64 focused magazine was the spiritual successor to the classic Super Play, retaining much of the feel of that magazine along with some familiar staff. Thanks to meppi, who scanned and edited this release, we can all relive this classic magazine once more. The release comes with [... read more ...]

N64 Magazine issue 1 at Out-of-Print Archive

N64 Magazine issue 1 from April 1997 has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. The high quality scanned and edited magazine is courtesy of meppi and can be downloaded in full from the OoPA website. Also accompanying the release are four chosen online articles from the N64 Magazine: Lifting the Lid article on the N64, Super Mario 64 review, Mario Kart 64 review and Pilot Wings [... read more ...]

NintendoAge vol 4 issue 7 August 2010

Voluume 4, issue 7 (August 2010) of NintendoAge has been released. The monthly retrogaming ezine covers all things Nintendo and can be downloaded in PDF format for free from the NA website (a quick registration required). This issue’s highlights include: * More of Dr. Robbie’s Perlers of Wisdom * What did collectors do before the NA price guide? * Cracking the Gluk Code * Paulyshobby [... read more ...]

NintendoAGE Volume 4 Issue 1 January 2010

NintendoAge is a free monthly e-zine that focuses on Nintendo. Most of its content is produced by the Nintendo community and features articles, interviews, the NintendoAge price guide and much more. The current issue and back issues are available to download in PDF format from the NintendoAge website. Content in the January 2010 issue includes: Battle Kid: From Sprites to Cut Scenes Find of the [... read more ...]