Sgt. Helmet Zero DS

First time coder, IceVAN, has developed a DS version of The Mojon Twins’ Spectrum game Sgt. Helmet Zero.  Now you can carry out daring rescue missions on the… move with your DS.  The game looks fab, so why not download it – it is free as well, with only a quick registration required. Weblink:

The Detective remade on Nintendo DS

Headsoft follow their excellent Manic Miner The Lost Levels with a remake of the 1986 Commodore 64 classic The Detective. In the role of a Scotland Yard detective, the player is tasked with investigating the murder of a wealthy businessman called Angus McFungus. There is more than meets the eye here, however, and some clever detective skills will be needed if the killer is to [... read more ...]

Manic Miner in the Lost Levels released on DS

Well, this is a fascinating development.  Stuart Campbell (fantastic journalist and fellow Scot) wrote an article on the lost levels of Manic Miner in Retro Gamer issue 63, featuring never before seen screens from various home computer versions, and this is picked up on by some ingenious developers who decided to port all these “lost levels”, and more, onto the DS.  What’s more is that [... read more ...]