Laser Squad Week: The 8-bit Versions

Following our retrospective intro, we continue our Laser Squad week by looking at the 8-bit versions of the game and the videogaming magazine’s views at the time… ZX Spectrum (1988) The original, as mentioned, is a fine game with minimalist aesthetics. While the graphics may well be monochrome, they are functional and suffer no colour clash. Sound is very sparse but effective. The gameplay is [... read more ...]

Night Escape released on MSX

The third entry into the MSXdev ’11 game making competition is Night Escape from Sherif Hashem. Developed entirely in MSX-BASIC, the game is a memory puzzle where the player must memorise the maze layout before the lights go out. If that wasn’t hard enough, there’s a nasty monster roaming the maze ready to pounce and the lamp has limited use. Don’t let the restrained visuals [... read more ...]

PWND 2 released on MSX

The MSxdev’11 game making competition for the MSX computer is up and running and the first entry is in. PWND 2 is a Nibbles clone, which in turn is a Snake variant game, which was developed by Vampier. While the original game was created in BASIC with 16 Kb ROM, this sequel uses Assembler and comes in at under 8 Kb. The game can be [... read more ...]

Heroes Arena wins MSXDev10

Heroes Arena, a futuristic tennis style game developed by Imanok, has won the MSXDev10 game-making competition. Not only was the game voted in at first place overall, but also came away with ‘Game with Best Graphics’, ‘Most Polished Game’ and ‘Most Original Game’ awards, sharing the latter. Zombie Near, an arcade style shoot-’em-up from Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, came second and also shared ‘Most Original Game’ [... read more ...]

Heroes Arena released on MSX

Heroes Arena makes it into the MSXDev10 game making competition at the last minute. Developed by Imanok, Heroes Arena is a futuristic tennis style game that was inspired by the Neo Geo game Battle Flip Shot. One of Two players face off against each other with the aim of hitting the ball beyond the opposing player to destroy the wall of capsules that they have [... read more ...]

Zombie Near released on MSX

As the MSXDev10 game making competition edges closer to its deadline, Zombie Near makes it to the list of games ready to battle it out for the awards. Developed by Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, Zombie Near is an action filled 1 or 2 player MSX shooter as the player(s) shoots their way out of a zombie infested laboratory. When there is respite in the action, there [... read more ...]

DAQ Lord of Idar released on MSX

Another entry into the MSXDev’10 competition, courtesy of Darkstone. DAQ Lord of Idar is described as an action puzzle game, but there is a definite element of board game strategy in there with a hint of RPG. The game can be played with one to four players, with the aim of becoming the new Land Lord on the island of Idar. This means a strategic [... read more ...]

Hans’ Adventure released on MSX

A New Year and a new MSX game. Hans’ Adventure is an MSX game coded by The Pets Mode that was entered into the ongoing MSXDev’10 game making competition. The game’s main character is Han, who, following some backtracking from some frightful noises in the forest has somehow ended up in a black hole full of monsters. It’s the player’s task – you, that is [... read more ...]

Mission2Mir released on MSX

Mission2Mir is a new entry into the ongoing MSXdev competition 2010, which is nearing its deadline. The game, which was developed by ray2day, is a classic style shoot-‘em-up game where the player defends the last existing MSX in the universe from invading aliens. The game’s ROM, manual, inlay artwork and more can be found at the Mission2Mir section on the MSXdev Competition 2010 webpage. Weblink: [... read more ...]

Ratbox released on MSX

  Ratbox is the third entry into the MSXDev’10 game making competition, which doesn’t close until 31 January 2011. The retro style arcade game from Italian programmer Andrea Gasparinni has the player controlling a rat with the task of collecting coins while avoiding the enemy and traps. The game is available to download for free from the MSXDev’10 webpages. Weblink:

QBIQS released on MSX

    One of the most anticipated new games releases on the MSX is finally here. QBIQS, which has been in development for four years, has been completed and entered into the MSXdev ’10 game making competition. The game is a remake of Konami’s Quarth, a puzzle game/shoot-’em-up hybrid arcade game that was released in the arcades in 1989 and subsequently converted to a handful [... read more ...]

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters now available to download

We reported some time ago about the fantastic platform zombie romp called Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, which was only previously available to purchase in physical form for the MSX and ZX Spectrum. Now, as promised, the game is available to download in emulation form for both the MSX and ZX Spectrum versions. Downloads, nore details, and purchase of the physical version, can be found [... read more ...]

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters

At the recent RetroMadrid fair, Relevo Videogames presented a new game for MSX and ZX Spectrum called Invasion of the Zombie Monsters.  This B-Movie style title is a great looking arcade shooter that will be available to purchase in physical form from Matranet and will later be available in download emulator format.  More details can be found at the Relevo Video Games website. Weblink:

MSXdev'09 competition results

The MSXDev’09 gaming development competition has come to a close and the winners have been announced. Dr. Pill from Infinite is the big winner, coming away with first place after gaining an 83.3% score. Dr. Pill also achieved the following category awards: “Game with Best Graphics” (shared with Retaliot), “Best Music” and “Most Original Game”. Menace from TNI finished as runners up and achieved the [... read more ...]

Dr. Pill released on MSX

Infinite submitted their game entry right on time for the MSXDEV’09 competition. Dr. Pill is a simulation game that takes place in a doctor’s office where the player deals with infections, symptoms and pills. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>