Mega issue 2 digitally archived

This author has spoken about his fondness of the Mega Drive magazine, Mega, for some time, here and here, but has it really been two years since the release of Mega issue 1? Apparently so. Well that is going to change as one this author’s favourite gaming magazine of all time will start to appear slightly more frequently. Starting with issue 2 right now. With [... read more ...]

MEGA issue 1 at Out-of-Print Archive

The first issue of MEGA has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. The October 1992 edition of the Mega Drive magazine was scanned, edited and released by Nreive (yes, this very author). MEGA is one of my favourite classic gaming magazines and I intend to have the whole run of issues online sometime – in between editing/designing retroaction, of course. The magazine scan archive can be [... read more ...]

MEGA issue 16 available at OoPA

Issue 16 of MEGA (an early 1990s Mega Drive/Mega CD publication from Future Publishing) has been scanned and edited by someone called Nreive.  Yes, this author took a couple of weeks away from editing/designing Retroaction to finally complete the arduous task of scanning and editing my first release for Out-of-Print Archive (a magazine preservation project).  “Why start with issue 16?” you may well ask.  Well, [... read more ...]