PC Player issue 2 digitally archived

With the PC being this author’s main gaming platform for nearly 20 years, it would be unsurprising to see a return to the digital archiving of PC Player. As this author has mentioned previously, the magazine was vastly underrated with superb content and design, so hopefully, people everywhere can now see what was so great about the magazine. With issue 2 of PC Player, we [... read more ...]

PC Player: the official digital archive

The PC has been the master of the FPS, adventure and strategy genres for over a decade with some genre defining games along the way, so it’s little wonder that this author values the gaming platform so highly. There’s also very little in the way of PC gaming magazines digitally archived around the globe, so we at Out-of-Print Archive try to address that problem with [... read more ...]

Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 3 digitally archived

Another official release of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming been digitally archived at Out-of-Print Archive. Mega Drive Advanced Gaming (aka MAG) was launched during the rising popularity of Sega’s 16-bit console in 1992 and endured through to the machine’s decline in 1995. Issue 3 of MAG, which was originally published in November 1992, features a cover review of Thunder Storm FX on the Mega CD, as [... read more ...]

Digitising Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 1 for official release

To coincide with the “official” release of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 1, as well as the UK’s 10th anniversary of the Mega Drive, we take a look at what went into digitizing this magazine. If you’re in the dark where “Mega Drive Advanced Gaming” (MAG from now on) and “official” releases are concerned then go check out Out-of-Print Archive’s interview with Hugh Gollner, the publisher/owner of Maverick Magazines [...]

Hugh Gollner interview at Out-of-Print Archive

Not only did Out-of-Print Archive receive permission to work on all Hugh Gollner’s back catalogue of videogaming magazines but they got an exclusive interview with the man himself. To accompany the official release of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 2, OoPA spoke to Hugh about his publishing career, which included editing/publishing many innovative magazines from the 1980s and 1990s. Check out the link below for [... read more ...]

Mega Drive Advanced Gaming issue 2 at Out-of-Print Archive

Big news this week at Out-of-Print Archive, as the first official release is announced with the second issue of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming a fantastic underrated magazine of its time. Fittingly, this milestone release was worked on by all the main contributors over at Out-of-Print Archive. Online articles chosen for the release include reviews of Gleylancer, Magical Tarot, Thunderforce IV and Twinkle Tale. Check out [... read more ...]