PC Player issue 2 digitally archived

With the PC being this author’s main gaming platform for nearly 20 years, it would be unsurprising to see a return to the digital archiving of PC Player. As this author has mentioned previously, the magazine was vastly underrated with superb content and design, so hopefully, people everywhere can now see what was so great about the magazine. With issue 2 of PC Player, we [... read more ...]

Back in Time: January 1992

New year, new ‘Back in Time’ article. This time we go back twenty years to take look at the cream of the videogaming magazines from January 1992. This was a time when the Sega magazine scene was kicking off big time with two new launches, Sega Force and MegaTech, while the first dedicated Nintento mag, Total!, also appeared. Games wise, Another World was simply out [... read more ...]

Back in Time: December 1991

The ‘Back in Time’ article is back for another helping of classic gaming magazine nostalgia. This month, it’s December 1991 when RoboCop 3 patrolled the 3D gaming scene on the Amiga, Smash TV was ported to many home machines, RoboCod swam onto the 16-bits, Sid Meier’s landmark Civilization emerged and Populous returned for a second coming… Along with the main feature itself, there are four [... read more ...]

Back in Tine: November 1991

I managed to rustle up another dose of Back in Time at Out-of-Print Archive. This is our monthly feature where we go back twenty years this month and take a look at the videogaming magazines. Everyone will know that Computer & Video Games was the world’s first magazine dedicated to videogaming, and in November 1991, they celebrated their tenth anniversary. Elsewhere, there were two newly [... read more ...]

Computer and Video Games' landmark issue 174 digitally archived

It’s fair to say that following the departure of the legendary Julian Rignall in the early 1990s, the world’s first dedicated videogaming magazine, Computer & Video Games, suffered badly. Despite the efforts of some well known editors and journalists, the magazine lost favour amongst its fans and they, like Rignall, departed for pastures new. Step in Paul Davies, who, within a few short months, was [... read more ...]

Back In Time: October 1991

“So take me away, I don’t mind, but you better promise me, I’ll be back in time…” Yup, it’s time to “get back in time” (yes, thank you, Huey), to exactly twenty years this month to take a nostalgic look at the videogaming magazines of October 1991. This was a time of sadness and uncertainty for many 8-bit magazines as one of the major publishers [... read more ...]

A guide to restoring classic gaming magazines, the Out-of-Print Archive way

Many people may not know just how much work goes into digitally archiving the classic gaming magazines at Out-of-Print Archive. Co-admin at OoPA, meppi, guides us through the process from scanning, editing and restoring these magazines to their former glory. Here, you will see examples of scanning four separate parts of one page so that nothing is excluded for the final merging process. There are [... read more ...]

Sega Saturn Magazine issue 4 digitally remastered

Out-of-Print Archive have revisited the classic Sega Saturn Magazine and have remastered issue 4, which was originally published by EMAP in February 1996. This means this is the definitive “meppi” release with enhanced editing techniques throughout. To accompany this remastered digital release, there are four articles to view online which were taken from the magazine and include articles on Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Darius Gaiden, [... read more ...]

Back in Time: September 1991

“‘Back in Time’ is a monthly feature where we look back at the classic video gaming magazines twenty years ago this month. This month it’s September 1991 and the Super Famicom was beginning to make head roads on the gaming scene with titles such as U.N. Squadron, while two classics, Streets of Rage and Road Rash, hit the Mega Drive and God sims were big [... read more ...]

Computer & Video Games issue 173 digitally archived

Another quality digital release of Computer and Video Games magazine, the multi-format magazine published by EMAP in the UK, has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. Out-of-Print Archive’s meppi picks up from his last CVG release with issue 173 from the classic Paul Davies era in April 1996. Four articles were chosen from the issue as online previews and include reviews of Street Fighter Alpha (Saturn), [... read more ...]

The Atari ST Magazine Archive

The recent riots across England have had nothing to do with retribution, boredom, hardship, unemployment or even anti-government/anti-police/anti-authority, etc. protests. No, no, no, no. That’s just crazy talk. They have been taking place due to the lack of a decent online archive for Atari ST magazines. Hoping to quench this thirst for ST magazine preservation, The Atari ST Magazine Archive has opened its reinforced digital [... read more ...]

Back In Time: August 1991

Join us as we take an 88 miles per hour trip 20 years back in time to reminisce about the classic videogaming magazines at the time. A time when C&VG, ACE, Zero, Crash, Your Sinclair, Zzap!64, Amiga Power and Amstrad Action reigned supreme. A time when Sonic began his meteoric rise. A time when the Terminator 2 movie licenced game was big news. Back in [... read more ...]

PC Player: the official digital archive

The PC has been the master of the FPS, adventure and strategy genres for over a decade with some genre defining games along the way, so it’s little wonder that this author values the gaming platform so highly. There’s also very little in the way of PC gaming magazines digitally archived around the globe, so we at Out-of-Print Archive try to address that problem with [... read more ...]

Back in Time: July 1991

The early 1990s was a time when the consoles really began to make inroads on the computer domination on the UK gaming scene and this was amplified with the release of the original Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive. This is the time where our July 1991 Back in Time article focuses on this month. As usual, we also take a look at a [... read more ...]

Back In Time: June 1991

‘Back in Time’ is a monthly feature where we look back at the classic video gaming magazines twenty years ago this month. This month it’s June 1991 when Roger Wilco went on his fourth Space Quest, Cruise For A Corpse appeared on many gamers’ wanted lists, Prince of Persia amazed gamers everywhere with its superb Amstrad CPC version and the Spectrum covertape wars continued with [... read more ...]