Lotek64 issue 37

What was actually reported as issue 38 being released, it doesn’t seem as though it, erm, has been. Time to catch up on the last release then… The German based zine covers news, reviews, interviews and much more on all things classic gaming, with a slight slant towards the Commodore. In issue 37, we can look forward to reading about Slim Jim on the C64, [... read more ...]

Lotek64 issue 36

Another issue of the fantastic German zine Lotek64 has just been released. Lotek64 is a quarterly retrogaming zine that covers all walks of gaming with news, reviews, previews, interviews and more. In issue 36, you can look forward to headline articles such ‘Mega Drive reanimated’ (New games, new hardware), ‘The NES-Racer Special’, ‘The HIVE Project’ (build your own computer), ‘Easter eggs for the Nerd’ as [... read more ...]

Lotek64 issue 34

The Lotek64 December 2010 issue has been released. Lotek64 is a quarterly German retrogaming ezine with an emphasis on the Commodore 64. Highlights this issue includes ‘Monsters of 8 Bit’ article, Alien vs. Predator (Jaguar), Retro Treasures: Super Noah’s Ark 3D, EarthBound: A Retrospective, Daze Before Christmas and more. The ezine can be downloaded for free in PDF format from either the Lotek64 home page [... read more ...]

Lotek64 Issue 33

Lotek64 issue 33 has been released. The quarterly German magazine contains news, articles and reviews on all things retrogaming. Highlights this issue includes: Terminator – over 25 years of Terminator gaming. Maniac Mansion Gold – a revamped C64 classic C64 Planet Steam – from the computer game and board game back to the oldies? Soft Adventures machine – adventures on Nintendo DS and much more…   [... read more ...]

Lotek64 issue 32 released

Lotek64 issue 32 has been released. The quarterly German retrogaming magazine, which comes in both print and digital PDF form, contains news, articles and reviews on all things retro, although the C64 does feature prominently. Both print and PDF editions can be found at the Lotek64 website. Highlights this issue includes: Show Report: Hobby + Elektronik 2009 pixel punch: target computer players Death Rally Kick [... read more ...]