X-Com UFO Defense from Enemy Unknown

With the upcoming release of the FPS Reboot of X-Com straying further away from the franchises’ origins than humnly thought possible, we look back at the first, and best, game in the series… It’s hard to admit to myself that my all time favourite game of 20 years, Laser Squad, may well have been perched from its lofty heights in gaming status. When I first [... read more ...]

Laser Squad Week: The 8-bit Versions

Following our retrospective intro, we continue our Laser Squad week by looking at the 8-bit versions of the game and the videogaming magazine’s views at the time… ZX Spectrum (1988) The original, as mentioned, is a fine game with minimalist aesthetics. While the graphics may well be monochrome, they are functional and suffer no colour clash. Sound is very sparse but effective. The gameplay is [... read more ...]

Laser Squad Retrospective

With Laser Squad being one of my all time favourite games it was inevitable that I would revisit the game. With issue 5 of Retroaction put on definite hold, the planned ‘mega article’ on the game can now be published in a week long special of Laser Squad articles, starting with a look at the game itself… Going by personal experience, films or music which [... read more ...]

Rebelstar: Tactical Command RETROspective

“The Game Boy Advance was, and still is, a fantastic machine for retrogaming enthusiasts. The hardware architecture of the machine meant that developers could easily bring classic games from the 16-bit era bang up to date with remakes, updates and reboots. While this was all fantastic, gamers shouldn’t forget that there are also some excellent original games available on the Nintendo portable console. One of [... read more ...]

Retro Respect: Laser Squad

I still remember how I came about acquiring Laser Squad. I had joined one of those software companies with a special introduction. You know the one: join now for only £10 and receive five free games, or something. Anyway the condition was that you had to buy at least one game per month for the year. I remember not bothering one month and a package [... read more ...]