Cray 5 released on ZX Spectrum

Released just a few days ago on the ZX Spectrum 128k and ZX Spectrum 3+ platforms was Cray 5. Developed by the Spanish coders Retroworks, Cray 5 is based on the 1987 classic Amstrad CPC game by Topo Soft. The game places you in the 22nd century where, during a humanitarian mission, your spaceship is hit by an asteroid and it’s your objective to prevent [... read more ...]

Missile Madness released on Commodore 64

The second entry into the Sideways Seuck Compo 2011 is Missile Madness from legendary SEUCK coder Alf Yngve. It’s a time of war, nuclear war, and it’s your task as the Air Force Captain to manage the country’s missile defences. This means guiding the surface-to-air missiles to destroy any incoming warheads. Just make sure you aim carefully as each enemy missile that hits the ground [... read more ...]

Flawshow released on Commodore 64

Flawshow is the first entry into the Commodore 64 Sideways Seuck Compo 2011. Although Flawshow is based on the, erm, revealing kind of games like Lady Killer, this Anthony Burns production does not feature any of those game’s full on rewards. The game’s plot follows the exploits of an unfortunate programming genius who unwittingly had a swarm of sentient computer viruses invade his computer. To [... read more ...]

PWND 2 released on MSX

The MSxdev’11 game making competition for the MSX computer is up and running and the first entry is in. PWND 2 is a Nibbles clone, which in turn is a Snake variant game, which was developed by Vampier. While the original game was created in BASIC with 16 Kb ROM, this sequel uses Assembler and comes in at under 8 Kb. The game can be [... read more ...]

Heroes Arena wins MSXDev10

Heroes Arena, a futuristic tennis style game developed by Imanok, has won the MSXDev10 game-making competition. Not only was the game voted in at first place overall, but also came away with ‘Game with Best Graphics’, ‘Most Polished Game’ and ‘Most Original Game’ awards, sharing the latter. Zombie Near, an arcade style shoot-’em-up from Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, came second and also shared ‘Most Original Game’ [... read more ...]

Sub Hunter converted to the Amstrad CPC

Sub Hunter is an excellent Commodore 64 shoot-’em-up/rescue game (read our review of the game in issue 1), developed by Richard Bayliss & Frank Gasking and released through Psytronik, so it’s fantastic news to hear that it has been ported over to the Amstrad CPC. Paul Kooistra, who has such recent CPC hits as Star Sabre and Dead on Time has done a fantastic job [... read more ...]

Lady Kakerlak released on C64

Lady Kakerlak has beeb released on the Commodore 64 courtesy of DATA-LAND. This is essentially an update of Lady Bug, a classic C64 Pac-Man style arcade conversion. However, this version comes with multiple levels plus an excellent editor to create your very own levels. The game is freely available to download from the CSDb, so if you’re after some old-school gaming, check it out. Weblink: [... read more ...]

Heroes Arena released on MSX

Heroes Arena makes it into the MSXDev10 game making competition at the last minute. Developed by Imanok, Heroes Arena is a futuristic tennis style game that was inspired by the Neo Geo game Battle Flip Shot. One of Two players face off against each other with the aim of hitting the ball beyond the opposing player to destroy the wall of capsules that they have [... read more ...]

Zombie Near released on MSX

As the MSXDev10 game making competition edges closer to its deadline, Zombie Near makes it to the list of games ready to battle it out for the awards. Developed by Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, Zombie Near is an action filled 1 or 2 player MSX shooter as the player(s) shoots their way out of a zombie infested laboratory. When there is respite in the action, there [... read more ...]

Space Trip released on C64

Space Trip is a platform adventure game developed by Achim Volkers for the Commodore 64. Space ships all over the galaxy are reporting of crazy aliens infesting their decks. Taking control of Captain Steve Zappa, the player has to board the ships and eradicate these pesky aliens. The game can be downloaded from The New Dimension website for free. Weblink: Space Trip at The New [... read more ...]

Shadow Over Innsmouth released on C64

Nearly missed this new release for the Commodore 64 from The New Dimension. Developed by Anthony Burns, with music by Richard Bayliss, Shadow Over Innsmouth is a Sideways SECUK arcade style game based on the H. P. Lovecraft novel of the same name. The player controls an old fashioned submarine with the task of fending off the sea creatures that dwell offshore near the seaside [... read more ...]

Pong Machine released on C64

I don’t think I need to explain the history or importance of Atari’s original Pong. Pong Machine is a variant of that classic digital tennis game and was produced by Technische Maschinenfabrik. As you would expect for a classic game, it is easy to get into, but is fiendishly addictive with a healthy dose of nostalgia. Play against a human opponent or take on the [... read more ...]

Uwol 2 released on Amstrad CPC

The multi platform, multi award winning hero Uwol is back for a sequel in the cunningly titled Uwol 2 on the Amstrad CPC. Coded by The Mojon Twins, the sequel follows straight off from the end of the first game: Uwol merrily skips home with his successfully snatched bundle of coins when he is knocked down a steep hill and ends up in Phantomas’ Electric [... read more ...]

DAQ Lord of Idar released on MSX

Another entry into the MSXDev’10 competition, courtesy of Darkstone. DAQ Lord of Idar is described as an action puzzle game, but there is a definite element of board game strategy in there with a hint of RPG. The game can be played with one to four players, with the aim of becoming the new Land Lord on the island of Idar. This means a strategic [... read more ...]

1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs released on C64

Kerpow, splat, zonk. 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs, a side scrolling action game, is available C64 as a free download. Coded by Alf Yngve and released through Psytronik, the game follows the kung-fu exploits of Master of Awesome as he travels through the Ninja invested city of Blapsville in search of a stolen toy robot. With “awesome weapon power-ups”, “multiple levels to battle through”, “fantastic soundtracks by [... read more ...]