RGCD C64 Game Development Competition 2011

The RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2011, to give the full title, has recently been concluded with the judges’ results. This very author was kindly asked to serve as one of the judges and it was an honour to play through the games and comment on them. Some games were familiar already having had previews released through CSDb and RGCD, but others were [... read more ...]

Back in Time: 2011

As another year has just ended, we take a look back at the year’s highlights: the games, the ezines, magazines, podcasts and other retrogaming activities…   One of the first homebrew games reported in January 2011 was 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs. Developed by Alf Yngve and released through Psytronik, the game follows the kung-fu exploits of Master of Awesome as he travels through the Ninja invested [... read more ...]

Zooming Secretary released on NES

It’s not often we get to play much in the way of NES homebrew games at Retroaction. However, Zooming Secretary is one game we simply couldn’t ignore. Developed by Shiru in collaboration with PinWizz, the game has the player in control of a new secretary who must make it through a week’s trial without getting fired. This involves answering telephone calls, filing and the usual [... read more ...]

4 Player Games Compilation released on Commodore 64

To celebrate their 15th Anniversary – founded late in 1996 – Protovision have released a special boxed compilation set comprising of four of their Commmodore 64 games. The 4 Player Games Compilation features the four player games Bomb Mania (Bomberman clone), Hockey Mania, Team Patrol and Tanks 3000, which can all be played with four players simultaneously. Hurry, though, as stock is limited to 40 [... read more ...]

Dire Job (Trabajo Basura) released on ZX Spectrum

The Mojon Twins have been hard at work updating their La Churrera game engine for the ZX Spectrum with the release of v3.99. Not only that but they have spent two whole afternoons developing a new game to showcase this new engine. Trabajo Basura, which we are assured, translates as Dire Job, is a classic platform romp that all Mojon Twins fans will be familiar [... read more ...]

Dunjon Battler released on Commodore 64

As the game’s title screen might suggest, Dunjon Battler seems simple enough: “Destroy monsters with your sword,” “collect treasure chests for health,” “find the chalice to win.” However, don’t let that simplistic three sentence plot fool you into thinking that this is a simple game. Hidden beneath the surface is a fun little dungeon explorer with plenty of action. The game, which was coded by [... read more ...]

Horace Goes To The Tower released on ZX Spectrum

Inspired by a recent forum thread on the World of Spectrum website, The Mojon Twins rapidly set to work on bringing Horace back to his native ZX Spectrum. Mention must go to ‘ewgf’ in the WOS forums whose quick write up provided the back-story to the game. The plot follows Horace when he is drunk and down on his luck. Missing the good old days [... read more ...]

Phantomasa 3: Fundamentally Loathsome released on ZX Spectrum

Much like their most enduring games series and character, Phantomasa, The Mojon Twins are back releasing new games on the faithful ZX Spectrum with the third in the aforementioned game series: Phantomasa 3 – Fundamentally Loathsome. And it wouldn’t be a Mojon Twins’ game without a deliciously bizarre plot which involves a robot Phantomasa in an alternate Parallel Universe who is on a mission to [... read more ...]

Laser Squad Week: The Homebrew Missions

As we continue our Laser Squad week, we take a look at the homebrew missions that have been developed for the Spectrum… Those resourceful chaps from Russia have only created their very own scenarios for Laser Squad. 13 extra missions are known to exist, saved as mere Z80 files which can be loaded as a snapshot straight into a Spectrum emulator. The missions themselves range [... read more ...]

Action Def released on Commodore 64

The final entry into this year’s Sideways SEUCK Game Making Competition is Action Def from Christian Siege. Taking control of the titular Action Def, the player is sent on a secret mission to find guards and deal with them appropriately. Essentially, Action Def is a ladders/trap scenario where the player must use precise timing to avoid dangers, all the while dealing with the mission’s objectives. [... read more ...]

Deff-Ender released on Commodore 64

A Defender clone created in SEUCK? Yep, it has happened, thanks to Pavel Loda / Deff-Soft. Deff-Ender is the sixth entry into the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011. As with the arcade classic, the player pilots a space craft across four zones, defending humans from being abducted from the ground by descending alien ships. This means super blasting action with the odd quick rescue mission. Go [... read more ...]

Escape From the Annoying Chavs released on Commodore 64

Very probably based on true events, new Commodore 64 SEUCK based game, Escape From the Annoying Chavs, tasks the player with having to traverse the decidedly dodgy streets to his local pub. Controlling hard working Richard, the player will have to contend with the constant danger of youths who like nothing better than loitering around street corners, throwing, ahem, feces, glass bottles and generally being [... read more ...]

Forgotten Forest released on Commodore 64

The ‘Forgotten Forest’ is a dark and spooky forest full of all kinds of monsters and creatures, so you wouldn’t tend to venture through it, especially on Friday the 13th. But that’s exactly what our hero is doing, spending one full day in this hell hole of a forest. Armed with a flamethrower, your hero has to negotiate his way through the ‘Forgotten Forest’, taking [... read more ...]

Night Escape released on MSX

The third entry into the MSXdev ’11 game making competition is Night Escape from Sherif Hashem. Developed entirely in MSX-BASIC, the game is a memory puzzle where the player must memorise the maze layout before the lights go out. If that wasn’t hard enough, there’s a nasty monster roaming the maze ready to pounce and the lamp has limited use. Don’t let the restrained visuals [... read more ...]

The Adventures of Jim Slim in Dragonland released on C64

Protovision have just announced the release of their latest hit for the Commodore 64. The Adventures of Jim Slim in Dragonland” (aka Jim Slim) is a jump-’n’-roll platform game where you control a colourful ball named Jim who has been tasked with retrieving a magical skull from the demon Warlord Gothar. Not only that, but Jim’s girlfriend, Candy, has also been kidnapped. Jim must make [... read more ...]