Space Pixy released on Mega Drive / Genesis

The annual NEO Retro Coding Compo has been running for a few years now. However, it was only for the 2010 competition that the rules had been relaxed so that the games entered don’t just have to be a GBA, NDS or PSP game. Despite this, all 52 games, bar one, were developed for the NDS or PSP handheld console. The one game that stood [... read more ...]

BASIC-Game Compo 2010

The results of the recent BASIC-Game Compo 2010 are in…

3rd Place: Scavenger

Scavenger is a neat little vertical shoot-’em-up from developer GH-23. The C64 game finished third in the competition with 22% of the votes. Scavenger can be downloaded for free from the CSDb website…

Sideways SEUCK compo 2010 results

At the beginning of the year we reported that The New Dimension were hosting a Sideways SEUCK (Shoot-’em-up Construction kit) game making competition for the Commodore 64 platform. The games were produced and entered by various SEUCK specialists. The judges made their comments and the results have now been announced. 1) Taking first place is Pour Le Merite (For Merit) from Bamse. The game takes [... read more ...]

Sideways SEUCK games compo 2010

The New Dimension have just launched a competition for SEUCK (Shoot-’em-up Construction kit) games. The deadline is in two months, so if you’re interested, get coding. Oh, and there is a prize for the winner. More details, including a full rundown of the rules, can be found at The New Dimension website. Weblink:

Amiga Games Making Competition 2009

Due to popular demand among some of the Amiga forums around the net, and to help revive interest in the Amiga retro gaming scene, Underground Arcade decided to host an Amiga Game-Making competition. The competition was held around various Amiga forums just before Christmas, where the entrees had two weeks to produce and upload their work by the 24th December 2009. The only rules were [... read more ...]

MSXdev'09 competition results

The MSXDev’09 gaming development competition has come to a close and the winners have been announced. Dr. Pill from Infinite is the big winner, coming away with first place after gaining an 83.3% score. Dr. Pill also achieved the following category awards: “Game with Best Graphics” (shared with Retaliot), “Best Music” and “Most Original Game”. Menace from TNI finished as runners up and achieved the [... read more ...]

Dr. Pill released on MSX

Infinite submitted their game entry right on time for the MSXDEV’09 competition. Dr. Pill is a simulation game that takes place in a doctor’s office where the player deals with infections, symptoms and pills. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

Stray Cat released on MSX

A late entry into the MSXDev’09 competition from developer Imanok. Stray Cat is a run-’n’-jump platform game with the goal of getting the cat, Flash, to his date with the cutest kitty at downtown. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

Retaliot released on MSX

Retaliot is another space shoot-’em-up entry into the MSXDev9 competition, this time courtesy of Video Hazard (with Madonna MK 2 on lead). This is a MegaROM game follow up to Seleniak with extra attention given to graphics and scrolling techniques. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

Menace released on MSX

In a distant galaxy, far far away… No, it’s not a Star Wars game, but rather Menace, a retro style space shoot-’em-up. Developed by TNI, this is their submission to the MSXDev’09 games competition. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

British Bob released on MSX

RELEVO Videogames have completed their entry into the MSXDEV’09 competition with British Bob. This is a classic style platform game where the game’s character, Bob, has been called in to save the day: recover tea biscuits that have been stolen by a gang of thieves. The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

X0rz released on MSX

As the deadline for the MSXDev’09 games development competition fast approached, a flurry of game entries were submitted at the last hour. First up is X0rz, a puzzle game developed by Vampier & Hydragon.  The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the following link. Weblink: ]]>

Cow Abductors released on MSX

Cow Abductors is developer Paxanga Soft’s unannounced entry into the MSXdev’09 games competition.  As the title might suggest, this horizontal abduct-’em-up has the player controlling an alien spaceship as it goes around beaming onboard unsuspecting cows.  The game’s ROM and manual can be downloaded from the MSXdev’09 pages. Weblink: ]]>

GLBasic Board Games Competition 2009

GLBasic (which is “an easy to learn, fast to write, and flexible language for programming”) has announced the Board Game Competition for 2009. The competition, which officially started on 1 October 2009, will run for three months, ending on 12 January 2010. The rules of the competition state that the game must be a computer version of an existing board game, be freeware, exclusive to [... read more ...]

Kung Fu II final release

If you read Retroaction issue 1‘s Retro Remakes 2008 competition feature, then you should know all about Kung Fu II – we featured it as one of the games to look out for from the 50-odd games entered into the competition. Well, now the game’s programemr, Gary Gasko, has finished the game and has released a final version for all to download from The Games [... read more ...]