Zooming Secretary released on NES

It’s not often we get to play much in the way of NES homebrew games at Retroaction. However, Zooming Secretary is one game we simply couldn’t ignore. Developed by Shiru in collaboration with PinWizz, the game has the player in control of a new secretary who must make it through a week’s trial without getting fired. This involves answering telephone calls, filing and the usual [... read more ...]

Original Fire Emblem receives English translation

Fans of the Fire Emblem series and strategy games in general are in for a treat as the original Fire Emblem game has been translated into English thanks to two enthusiastic fans Quirino and HHHIII. Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ry? to Hikari no Tsurugi (translated to Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light) was released on the Famicom and remained a Japanese exclusive game until now. [... read more ...]

Binary Land remake

The classic Hudson Soft puzzle game Binary Land, which was originally released on a handful of various formats in the mid 1980s (including the Famicom), has been remade for Windows. Developed by Sokurah, with graphics by Lobo and music by Spacefractal, the game tasks the player with reuniting two penguins, Gurin and Malon, at the end of each level. It won’t be that simple, though, [... read more ...]

Review: Blade Buster

[Duffman was persuaded back to playtest this fine shoot-‘em-up release for the Nintendo Famicom (aka the NES).] Developed by High Level Challenge, Blade Buster is essentially a classic style single player “score attack” shoot-‘em-up. Taking control of a small space ship, the player navigates the vertically scrolling screen, taking out enemy ships, picking up score bonuses, weapon upgrades, while avoiding oncoming laser fire and explosions. [... read more ...]