NES-Bit fanzine in the works

A brand new fanzine focused on Nintendo’s 8-bit gaming consoles is in the works. NES-Bit fanzine is the brainchild of NES-Bit‘s Lorfarius and will cover the NES, Game Boy and Game Boy SP. While there are several volunteers already onboard working on articles and reviews for inclusion in the first issue, NES-Bit are looking for more Nintendo 8-Bitters willing to help out with any articles [... read more ...]

Amiga Mania issue 1

Rather belated news on this new Hungarian Amiga PDF magazine, but newsworthy all the same. Amiga Mania‘s focus is articles, tech, solutions, serious apps and games. In this glorious premiere issue, we can look forward to articles on the Amiga 1000, an interview with Jay Miner (“father of the Amiga”), and a massive six page retrospective of Perihelion (an RPG 3D adventure produced by Hungarian [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 52

Issue 52 of Commodore Free has just been released. The Commodore dedicated retrogaming zine covers all things from the VIC-20 to the Amiga, with news, reviews and interviews. This issue’s highlights include reviews of Clone (C16/Plus4), On The Farm, Chang’s Adventure, Deff-Ender and Coins, as well as news on Amiga Mania #1 magazine and the latest happenings in the Commodore scene. Commodore Free is freely [... read more ...]

NintendoAGE eZine Vol. 5 Issue 1

After a lengthy period in hibernation, the NintendoAGE eZine is back with Vol. 5 Issue 1 July 2011 edition. Returning back to its monthly release, this issue’s highlights contents include a Q&A with Ralph Baer, Nintendo Fun Club News collecting, Accessory Spotlight, Super Price Guide and more. As before, the eZine can be downloaded for free in PDF format from the NintendoAGE website. Weblink: NintendoAge [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 51

The 51st issue of Commodore Free has just been released. The retrogaming zine covers all things Commodore related, from the VIC-20 to the Amiga, with news, reviews and interviews. This issue’s highlights include a review of the latest Commodore 64 game, The Adventures of Jim Slim in Dragonland, which is accompanied by an interview with the developers, Protovision and a look at their website. Elsewhere, [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 50

Commodore Free has reached its 50th issue, which is quite an achievement for a fanzine. Launched towards the end of 2006, the Commodore dedicated retrogaming zine has been published every month since, with the odd exception. In fact, things weren’t looking good when the editor was requested to remove the first three issues over copyright problems with some images used. To send this kind of [... read more ...]

Komoda issue 4

The fourth issue of Commodore 64 retrogaming zine Komoda has been released. This issue the Komoda team cover all the latest news and articles on the C64 scene as well as reviews of classic C64 games including Frankenstein, Grand Prix Circuit, Katakis and Uridium. The PDF zine can be downloaded for free from the C&A Fan website. Weblink: Komoda issue 4 webpage

C&A Games issue 3

The third issue of C&A Games has been released. The spin-off from Polish publication C&A Fan is dedicated to Commodore gaming with news, reviews, interviews and more. This issue Polish readers – and others with patience to translate the articles – can look forward to reading the likes of Flimbo’s Quest, Predator, Night of the Ninja, Berzerk MMX, Final Fight, Uwol, as well as articles [... read more ...]

RetroManiac issue 3

Another fine issue of RetroManiac has hit the virtual shelves. This is the third issue of Spanish language retrogaming zine, which covers both classic and modern retro with news, previews, reviews and more. Taking centre stage on the front cover and the main review is Donkey Kong Country Returns. There are also reviews of La Corona Encantada, Hard Corps Uprising, Final Fantasy II, Lara Croft [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly #83

It’s been some time since my last post on Retrogaming Times Monthly and that’s not because I’ve been ignoring it, but rather the inability to effectively read through RTM’s new format. You see, for the past few months, RTM has been using a new online browsing method whereby you click tabs and arrows to go back and forth between pages. Nothing wrong with that per [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 49

The 49th issue of Commodore Free has just been released and is available to download for free in PDF, Text, html, Seq, D64, ePUB and mobi eBook formats. The monthly retrogaming zine covers all things Commodore related, including news, reviews, interviews and more. This month, the reader can expect to see articles on Games That Weren’t: Starglider 2, Amiga Media Center, C & A Fan [... read more ...]

Lotek64 issue 36

Another issue of the fantastic German zine Lotek64 has just been released. Lotek64 is a quarterly retrogaming zine that covers all walks of gaming with news, reviews, previews, interviews and more. In issue 36, you can look forward to headline articles such ‘Mega Drive reanimated’ (New games, new hardware), ‘The NES-Racer Special’, ‘The HIVE Project’ (build your own computer), ‘Easter eggs for the Nerd’ as [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 48

Commodore Free issue 48 has just been released and is available to download. The monthly ezine covers all things Commodore related, including news, reviews, articles and more. Highlights this month includes news on the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011 Launch, an interview With MIRKOSOFT, Where Are They Now — Blackburn and Accrington, Multimedia With The CDTV, C16 Programming, Back to the Past — CF Issue 9, [... read more ...]

C&A Fan issue 7

The seventh issue of C&A Fan has been released. The Polish retrogaming ezine, which is also known as Commodore & Amiga Fan, naturally covers the Commodore and Amiga range of computers with news, articles, interviews, reviews and more. Roughly translating, you can expect to read about the History of the Amiga (part 8), Sabrina aka A600 Tower 600 Mk II, Interview with Lifter’em, Let’s play [... read more ...]

PC Engine Gamer issue 4

This is a publication that I’ve been meaning to discuss for some time now. PC Engine Gamer is an online digital retrogaming zine which is naturally dedicated to NEC’s underrated PC Engine console. So what can we expect to see in issue 4? Well, expect to read the latest PC Engine news in ‘Newstopia’, a retrospective review of Monster Lair (aka Wonder Boy III), there’s [... read more ...]