Back in Time: 2011

As another year has just ended, we take a look back at the year’s highlights: the games, the ezines, magazines, podcasts and other retrogaming activities…   One of the first homebrew games reported in January 2011 was 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs. Developed by Alf Yngve and released through Psytronik, the game follows the kung-fu exploits of Master of Awesome as he travels through the Ninja invested [... read more ...]

RetroManiac issue 5

We’ve previously commented on the brilliance of RetroManiac over the past year or so, and, once again, we’re amazed at the quality, in both content and production values, of this brilliant gaming zine. The ezine features super design throughout, including internal links – click on an article in the contents page and you will be taken to that page – and external links, which really enhances [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 57

The Christmas edition of Commodore Free focuses on the short lived Commodore 64GS (basically a C64 minus the keyboard/tape drive). This includes a look at the machine itself as well as reviews of the four games that were bundled with it, including Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top O’ Fun, Flimbo’s Quest, Klax and International Soccer.  Also notewrothy within the feature is a screen grab of one boxed C64GS going [... read more ...]

Yesterday’s Gamer

There has been a surprisingly copious amount of videogaming zines released in the past few months, ranging from average to good. Thankfully, Yesterday’s Gamer falls into the latter category. However, this is intended as a one-off production. Produced entirely by Joshua Croft over the course of 18 months, Yesterday’s Gamer covers everything from the true classics right up to the recent “future” classics. Taking centre [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 55

Everyone has owned or has, at least, played on a Commodore computer at sometime, so this fine ezine will cater for you. If you’ve never read Commodore Free before – and you really should have – it covers all things Commodore (C64, Amiga, VIC-20, etc.) with news, reviews, interviews and more. This 55th edition features news on the Prince of Persia release on the C64, [... read more ...]

Retrocade Magazine launches

Retrocade Magazine has just premiered its first issue. With an emphasis on arcade gaming, the retrogaming ezine is available to purchase in PDF digital format for $4.99. I know what you’re thinking – well, we certainly were: “$4.99? This better be the best darned digital magazine ever.” And on first impressions – nice cover and great contents list – that was the case. Content wise, [... read more ...]

Komoda issue 5

We’ve mentioned the Commodore 64 retrogaming ezine, Komoda, before, but we must emphasize our delight when we see a new issue released, what with its classic retro graphics style design and content to match. It really is a must read. OK, it’s in Polish, but Google Translator (or a similar package) can be your best friend at times like these. Within the digital pages of [... read more ...]

Nintendo Age Volume 5 Issue 3

With Volume 5 Issue 3, NintendoAge displays a superb new look – very retro. The videogaming ezine, which is getting back into its monthly release, contains articles on everything to do with Nintendo, from articles to reviews. This issue’s main feature is Action 52, an article on the quest to find a copy of the unlicensed NES cart compilation. Other articles include Final Fantasy II, [... read more ...]

ZX Spectrum Gamer Launches

The ZX Spectrum was incredibly popular during the 8-bit computer scene in the 1980s, so much so that there have been countless magazines, fanzines and ezines published for it. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever in the gaming scene and all those zines have mostly disappeared by now, but now the makers of PC Engine Gamer have stepped forth to quench the thirst of eager Spectrum gamers [... read more ...]

Abandoned Times Magazine issue 2

It’s been a long time since the first issue of Abandoned Times Magazine was released – May 2009, in fact – but the second issue is finally here. One of Abandonia‘s side projects, Abandoned Times Magazine is a zine produced by volunteers of the gaming website with articles and interviews on one of the most underrated gaming platforms: the PC. This issue is a special [... read more ...]

Lotek64 issue 37

What was actually reported as issue 38 being released, it doesn’t seem as though it, erm, has been. Time to catch up on the last release then… The German based zine covers news, reviews, interviews and much more on all things classic gaming, with a slight slant towards the Commodore. In issue 37, we can look forward to reading about Slim Jim on the C64, [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 89

The October 2011 edition of Retrogaming Times Monthly has a suitably Halloween flavour to it this month with many articles covering games with a horror theme. Highlights of the monthly online zine include Retrogaming Turntable – Pac-Man Fever, Gaming Tetralogies – The Super Mario Bros Series, MAME Reviews – Blaster, Commodore Du Jour – The Castles Of Dr. Creep, Apple II Incider – Mystery House, [... read more ...]

Commodore Free issue 53

The 53rd issue of Commodore Free has just been released. The Commodore dedicated retrogaming zine covers all things from the VIC-20 to the Amiga, with news, reviews and interviews. This issue’s highlights include a review of Forgotten Forest (Alf Yngve’s recent entry into the SEUCK Compo 2011), a review of Edge Grinder (a shoot-‘em-up from Jason “TMR” Kelk), snippets on VicDoom (yes, Doom made it [... read more ...]

Retrogaming Times Monthly issue 88

The 88th issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly is availalbe to read online. The monthly retrogaming zine is read online just like a magazine – there are arrows at the bottom of the page to move pages back and forth. This issue includes news, Apple II Incider – Steve Jobs: The End Of An Era, Retro Collecting 101 – Hunting Treasures In A Foreign Land, Gaming [... read more ...]

RetroManiac issue 4

We instantly recognised the talent in this publication when we reviewed the premier issue back in Septmber 2010 and now the fourth issue of the fantastic Spanish retrogaming magazine RetroManiac has been released. As usual expect quality reviews and articles on the greatest classic games and new games with a retro theme all laid out in glorious designed PDF ezine. This issue, the RetroManiac team [... read more ...]