Review: Classic Gamer Magazine vol 3 issue 1

We’ve had quite a few new retrogaming ezines released in the past few weeks. First there was Retromaniac (which we reviewed here, followed by Atari User (which we also looked at here, and now we a new issue of Classic Gamer Magazine. The last issue of Classic Gamer Magazine was released back in 2004. Six years is a long time, an eternity in retrogaming terms, [... read more ...]

Review: Atari User issue 1

Atari User have just launched their inaugural issue 1 (vol 1). No, not that Atari User, this Atari User, a brand new, completely different edition with the same name. However, just like the Atari User of old, this new ezine covers all things Atari, from the classic gaming consoles to the home computers, with the likes of news, features and reviews. Issue 1 of the [... read more ...]

Review: RetroManiac issue 1

Hearing about and reading RetoManiac was like a rollercoaster for us. First we were up with the excellent points of this new ezine, the next, we were zooming back down with some of the lesser good points. Let us explain ourselves here… First things first, RetroManiac is a new Spanish retrogaming ezine, produced in glorious PDF and available to download for free. It contains some [... read more ...]