GunLord Available to pre-order for Dreamcast and Neo Geo

With an emphasis on “exploring huge worlds and blasting off enemies”, GunLord bears more than a little reseblence to the Turrican series, and that’s no bad thing as the classic Commodore 64 run-’n’gun platformer is one of our favourite games. Developed by NG:DEV.TEAM, GunLord is available to pre-order for the Sega Dreamcast, Neo Geo MVS and Neo Geo AES. With features such as nine huge [... read more ...]

Dreamcast Magazine Issue 1 Archived

Another exclusive for Out-of-Print Archive as the digital archiving of Dreamcast Magazine issue 1 is announced. Dreamcast Magazine was the UK’s Official publication for Sega’s underrated console. Published by Paragon Publishing, the magazine launched in September 1999 and mirrored the fortunes of the machine it covered, coming to a premature end with its last issue in June 2002. The magazine can be downloaded it its [... read more ...]

DC-UK issue 16 archived

DC-UK issue 16 from December 2000 has been digitised and archived over at Out-of-Print Archive. The magazine, which was scanned by 3style, covers Sega’s illfated – although critically successfull – Dreamcast. To accompany the release there are four online articles taken from the magazine itself: a feature on the JAMMA show of 2000, as well as reviews of Half-Life, Jet Set Radio and Seaman. The [... read more ...]