Abandoned Times Magazine issue 2

It’s been a long time since the first issue of Abandoned Times Magazine was released – May 2009, in fact – but the second issue is finally here. One of Abandonia‘s side projects, Abandoned Times Magazine is a zine produced by volunteers of the gaming website with articles and interviews on one of the most underrated gaming platforms: the PC. This issue is a special [... read more ...]

X-Com UFO Defense from Enemy Unknown

With the upcoming release of the FPS Reboot of X-Com straying further away from the franchises’ origins than humnly thought possible, we look back at the first, and best, game in the series… It’s hard to admit to myself that my all time favourite game of 20 years, Laser Squad, may well have been perched from its lofty heights in gaming status. When I first [... read more ...]

Laser Squad Week: The 16-bit Versions

Following our look at the 8-bit versions of Laser Squad – as part of our Laser Squad week special – we now take a look at the 16-bit versions of the game along with the videogaming magazine’s views at the time… Amiga/Atari ST (1990) Obviously, the 16-bit versions have notably better graphics, with full use of the respective machine’s colour and sprite capabilities. While not [... read more ...]

From Silver Screen to Computer Screen – Terminator

(An aborted feature originally intended for issue one of Retroaction – it just wasn’t satisfactorily completed.) If the past has taught us anything it’s not to trust hyped up computer games, especially film licences. Virtually every big hit film has been given the home computer treatment. With a hit film behind the licence, games publishers thought that the free movie publicity would guarantee a good [... read more ...]