Halo NES demake released

Pixel Force: Halo, a PC game made in the style of an NES arcade platformer, has been released by Eric Ruth Games. Based on the original Halo: Combat Evolved Xbox game, Pixel Force: Halo successfully shows us how the game might have looked and played had it been released back in the day when the NES ruled the land. The default keyboard setup of the [... read more ...]

ASCIIpOrtal (Portal demake) released

ASCIIpOrtal is a demake of Valve’s Portal and the binary files can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux formats. Developed by Joe Larson (with sound design by Steve Fenton), the game has you negotiating puzzle invested test chambers by using a hand-held portal device to teleport across areas of the map. The goal is to safely reach an exit, while avoiding such obstacles as [... read more ...]

Rock Boshers (Red Faction Demake)

Rock Boshers is a demake (a remake of a game on older-generation hardware) of the 2001 FPS game Red Faction. Initially developed for the TIGSource Bootleg Demakes Competition a few months back by Dugan (a.k.a. moogled), it has now received the finishing touches. Using a top-down perspective with Spectrum style graphics, the game includes a single player mode, multiplayer modes, and an unlockable Asteroids style [... read more ...]