Back in Tine: November 1991

I managed to rustle up another dose of Back in Time at Out-of-Print Archive. This is our monthly feature where we go back twenty years this month and take a look at the videogaming magazines. Everyone will know that Computer & Video Games was the world’s first magazine dedicated to videogaming, and in November 1991, they celebrated their tenth anniversary. Elsewhere, there were two newly [... read more ...]

Computer and Video Games' landmark issue 174 digitally archived

It’s fair to say that following the departure of the legendary Julian Rignall in the early 1990s, the world’s first dedicated videogaming magazine, Computer & Video Games, suffered badly. Despite the efforts of some well known editors and journalists, the magazine lost favour amongst its fans and they, like Rignall, departed for pastures new. Step in Paul Davies, who, within a few short months, was [... read more ...]

Computer & Video Games issue 173 digitally archived

Another quality digital release of Computer and Video Games magazine, the multi-format magazine published by EMAP in the UK, has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. Out-of-Print Archive’s meppi picks up from his last CVG release with issue 173 from the classic Paul Davies era in April 1996. Four articles were chosen from the issue as online previews and include reviews of Street Fighter Alpha (Saturn), [... read more ...]

Computer & Video Games issue 171 at OoPA

Computer & Video Games issue 171 has been released at Out-of-Print Archive. The multi-format magazine from February 1996 was scanned and edited by meppi. The magazine can be downloaded for free and in its entirety from the CVG171 page at Out-of-Print Archive’s website. There you can also find four accompanying online articles: a Nintendo Ultra 64 feature, Sega Rally review on the Saturn, Namco Museum [... read more ...]