Classic L337 episode 50

Classic L337 celebrates its 50th episode this week. The weekly videogaming podcast features the best of both worlds, with Tony covering modern gaming and Scott covering retrogaming. This week’s interviews include Zebbe of Pier Solar (the fabulous recently released Mega Drive/Genesis game), Leo Nigro (Cheif Technology Officer of Commodore USA), Jay and Aaron (owner and editor-in-chief respectively) from and Lauren Berggren (aka L337Lauren). Also [... read more ...]

Classic L337 Episode 39

Classic L337 Episode 39 – “Better Late Then Never” has been released. Hosted by Tony Stemen & Scott Lammers, Classic L337 is a weekly videogaming podcast that covers both retro and modern gaming. In this episode, Tony discusses gaming in the news, while Scott has a question about Super Mario 3. Links discussed in the show include Midway’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 N64, Super Meat [... read more ...]