C&A Fan issue 7

The seventh issue of C&A Fan has been released. The Polish retrogaming ezine, which is also known as Commodore & Amiga Fan, naturally covers the Commodore and Amiga range of computers with news, articles, interviews, reviews and more. Roughly translating, you can expect to read about the History of the Amiga (part 8), Sabrina aka A600 Tower 600 Mk II, Interview with Lifter’em, Let’s play [... read more ...]

C&A Fan issue 6

Issue 6 of C&A Fan (aka Commodore & Amiga Fan) has been released and features some 99 pages of content. C&A Fan is a Polish retrogaming ezine which, as the title suggests, focuses on the C64 and Amiga. The issue can be downloaded in low and/or high quality PDF. Content in this issue includes: Features News Interview with Black Box designer History of the Amiga, [... read more ...]

C & A Games issue 1

Issue one of a new Polish magazine, C & A Games is out now. From the makers of C & A Fan, this flashy designed new zine covers old and new games on the Commodore machines. The first issue comes with a supplement game, Knoorki, which is the focus for this issue, including an interview with the coder, and other extras. The PDF archived magazine, [... read more ...]

Commodore & Amiga Fan issue 5

Commodore & Amiga Fan is a Polish retrogaming ezine that covers the Commodore machines, mainly the C64 and Amiga.  Issue 5 is a festive bumpoer edition with over 30 articles, plus the usual news, letters, etc.  The ezine can be downloaded for free from the C&A website in either low quality PDF (5.6 MB) or high quality PDF (52.5 MB).  Just some of the Highlights [... read more ...]