Horace in the Mystic Woods released on ZX Spectrum

We’ve all got lost in the woods at one time or another – I now I have – and now Horace has found himself in a similar predicament. Not only is Horace lost, though, but the “mystic woods” seem to be conspiring against him, resulting in Horace wandering around in, what seems to be, endless circles. Oh, my god, it’s the Blair Witch Project all [... read more ...]

All Present and Correct released on ZX Spectrum

Bob Smith has developed a festive ZX Spectrum game, All Present and Correct, based on a puzzle element from Chu-chu Rocket.  Your mission is to safely guide the presents in to the delivery sacks, avoiding holes and hammers along the way.  With forty levels in all and a level editor, this will keep Spectrum gamers busy over the Christmas holidays.  Weblink: http://www.bobs-stuff.co.uk/allpresentandcorrect.html

Stranded goes freeware on Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad

Homebrew coder Bob Smith recently made his Stranded game for the ZX Spectrum available as a free download.  Not only that but Kevin Thacker, who coded the C64 and Amstrad CPC ports, has also followed suit and made these versions available as  free downloads.  Physical cassette versions of the game for all formats can still be purchased from Cronosoft.  Weblink (Spectrum version): http://www.bobs-stuff.co.uk/ Weblink (C64 [... read more ...]

Factory Daze released on ZX Spectrum

Previewed in issue one, Factory Daze from Bob Smith is now complete and free to download. The game which involves controlling a toy factory – in a similar way to LucasArt’s Night Shift – as you have to meet your order quota. Back then, we thought that the game looked “promising, and definitely one to look out for when it is released as a free [... read more ...]

W*B*H released on ZX Spectrum

W*B*H is an isometric puzzle game from Bob Smith, with the help of a handful of WoSers. The game idea can be found on the internet, but Bob wanted the game to appear on the Spectrum, so here it is. The game involves you tumbling and rolling your way around the levels to get to the exit. Clever use of the level’s switches, teleports, glass, [... read more ...]