Atari User issue 2

We reviewed the premiere issue of Atari User here and, while we found the magazine interesting, there were many design issues which, we felt, could do with improving. Those criticisms still stand and, really, it doesn’t take much effort to get an average looking ezine into a great looking ezine. With issue 2, the Atari User team looks at the Atari Coldfire Project, JAGFEST UK, [... read more ...]

Review: Atari User issue 1

Atari User have just launched their inaugural issue 1 (vol 1). No, not that Atari User, this Atari User, a brand new, completely different edition with the same name. However, just like the Atari User of old, this new ezine covers all things Atari, from the classic gaming consoles to the home computers, with the likes of news, features and reviews. Issue 1 of the [... read more ...]