The Atari ST Magazine Archive

The recent riots across England have had nothing to do with retribution, boredom, hardship, unemployment or even anti-government/anti-police/anti-authority, etc. protests. No, no, no, no. That’s just crazy talk. They have been taking place due to the lack of a decent online archive for Atari ST magazines. Hoping to quench this thirst for ST magazine preservation, The Atari ST Magazine Archive has opened its reinforced digital [... read more ...]

Laser Squad Week: The 16-bit Versions

Following our look at the 8-bit versions of Laser Squad – as part of our Laser Squad week special – we now take a look at the 16-bit versions of the game along with the videogaming magazine’s views at the time… Amiga/Atari ST (1990) Obviously, the 16-bit versions have notably better graphics, with full use of the respective machine’s colour and sprite capabilities. While not [... read more ...]

Weird and Wonderful World of Retrogaming: Weird Dreams

When it comes to weird games you can’t get any weirder than the appropriately titled Weird Dreams. Developed by Herman Serrano, James Hutchby and Tony King of Rainbird Sofware for the PC in 1988, the game was ported to other formats including the Amiga, Atari ST and Commodore 64, with varying success. Weird Dreams features some of the most bizarre, outlandish scenarios and character enemies that a player could witness. The game’s plot follows on from a short novella,

Retro Respect: Speedball 2

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, to give its full title, is arguably the Bitmap Brothers’ most famous and best game. The game was released for many formats including the Amiga, Atari ST, Mega Drive, and even the C64. Taking the basic ideas behind the original Speedball, the Bitmap Brothers used the best parts of the first game and incorporated them with a whole host of new features for the sequel. [... read more ...]

Robotz DX

Robotz DX is an updated PC remake/re-imagining of an Atari ST game called Robotz. Developed by James at RGCD (home of the quality html based indie/retro magazine of the same name) Robotz DX keeps the gameplay firmly in classic territory, what with Alien Breed/Gauntlet style dungeons gameplay action. The game is freely available to download, but a boxed copy can be obtained from the website [... read more ...]