Amstrad Action All Time Top 10 Games

Amstrad Action, the first magazine from Future Publishing, celebrates its 25th anniversary this week and to celebrate that fact we’re featuring articles all week specifically related to the Amstrad’s number one magazine. Following on from the tribute magazine, we publish, for the first time, Amstrad Action’s Top 10 Games of all time.

Color Lines released on Amtrad CPC

After a pretty lengthy time in development (ten years), Color Lines has finally been completed and released on the Amstrad CPC. Produced by Tom & Jerry, COlor Lines is a puzzle game inspired by the PC game Lines where you have match up lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonally) of five similar colour blocks across the grid, making them disapear and gaining points. The game’s disk [... read more ...]

Retroaction World Cup of Soccer Games: Quarter Finals

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup well underway, we thought we would have our own little World Cup of soccer games tournament. We discussed – nay, argued – for what seemed like days to what was the best eight football (aka soccer) video games in existence. [...]

Dead On Time tape version released at Psytronik

Dead on Time, a fantastic looking Amstrad CPC shoot-’em-up from the makers of Star Sabre, has now been released on tape courtesy of Psytronik. The game involves the player staying alive as long as possible while attacking aliens in the arcade mode with a points scoring challenge in the score challenge mode. Full details of the game can be found at the Dead on Time [... read more ...]

CPC Oxygen Phase II

You may remember the excellent CPC Oxygen online magazine from a few years ago and the re-launched site at  Well, CPC Oxygen Phase II has now arrived; making full use of WordPress features, meaning any CPC fan can contribute articles to the site.  There’s also the Amstrad Action archive, which links back to the old site, so go check it out, contribute some articles [... read more ...]

Orion Prime now in English and Spanish

The time has finally come.  The French speakers of the world have already had the chance to play this fantastic game, but now orders are being taken for the English and Spanish versions – as well as the aforementioned French version.  Orders for Orion Prime are available until the end of April, when it will stop, and download versions will be available at the end [... read more ...]

Rick Dangerous re-released on Amstrad CPC128+

A team of crack coders – Fano, BBC-Iron and MacDeath – have re-released Rick Dangerous on the Amstrad CPC128+, making use of the extra memory that the PLUS hardware offers. Extra features include “the famous digitised ‘Whhhaaa’ sample at 15Khz”, “full levels from 16bits versions”, “Cutscenes with graphics from the Amiga version”, “Musics [sic] from the Atari ST version” and much more. More details and [... read more ...]

Stranded goes freeware on Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad

Homebrew coder Bob Smith recently made his Stranded game for the ZX Spectrum available as a free download.  Not only that but Kevin Thacker, who coded the C64 and Amstrad CPC ports, has also followed suit and made these versions available as  free downloads.  Physical cassette versions of the game for all formats can still be purchased from Cronosoft.  Weblink (Spectrum version): Weblink (C64 [... read more ...]

Platformer Medley Block #1

Another new game release from the Mojon Twins, this time for the Amstrad CPC.  Platformer Medley Block #1 is a platform game featuring supermarket cashier girl Mari Stormbringer.  After munching on n&n’s, which have been polluted due to faulty alcaline batteries nearby, Mari is transported to a strange 2D dimension.  Help Mari return back to her own dimension.  The game can be downloaded in CPC DSK [... read more ...]

iLogicAll released on Amstrad CPC

Released on the ZX Spectrum some time ago, iLogicAll has now been released for the Amstrad CPC by ESP Soft. The game’s story involves helping a small bee called MariBee become the hive’s new queen. To do this the player has to solve Picross-style logic puzzles to reveal the background image. The game can be downloaded in CDT (tape image) or DSK (CPC disk image) [... read more ...]

Orion Prime released on Amstrad CPC

After reporting on the fantastic Orion Prime teaser in issue 2‘s news pages, it has been announced that the game is now finished and available to purchase on 3″ or 3.5″ disk from the Orion Prime website. Although, the game is in French, there are plans to translate the game to English, Spanish, and German. There’s been a lot of excitement building up around various [... read more ...]

Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle released on Amstrad CPC

Having been available on the Spectrum for at least a year, Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle finally makes it to the Amstrad CPC, thanks to The Mojon Twins. The story follows Nanako and her quest to rescue her younger sister, Mya, who has got herself into a bit of bother involving dark magic and an evil tower. Tweny five levels of platforming fun can [... read more ...]

Nanako Descends to Hell on Amstrad and Spectrum

Following the release of Phantom Tales # 1: Marsport comes another new Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum 128k release from the Mojo Twins. Nanako Descends to Hell is essentially a classic style adventure game, which you control Nanako in her search for the four parts of a powerful weapon device. More details, including plot, controls, inlay art, downloads, can be found on the Mojo Twins’ [... read more ...]

Phantomas Tales #1: Marsport on Amstrad and Spectrum

Rumours of a mythical civilization in space prompt our hero Phantom to have one last raid before retirement. As the sub-title would suggest, the game takes place on Mars with Phantom needing to collect the twenty gold cubic containers hidden away in the mines of Mars. Not ones for wasting any time in getting new games produced, The Mojon Twins emerge from their recent split [... read more ...]

Eternal Light released on Amstrad CPC

Eternal Light is – in the author’s own words – an Amstrad CPC adventure/action game with a mix of Gauntlet and Zelda style graphics. The programmer, Morri, started the project six months ago using Basic and the Sprites Alive software package. The game’s plot involves the main wizard character who must collect ten lanterns (holders of the “eternal light”), while fending off the evil shadow [... read more ...]