The Retro League Episode 46 – The Death of Physical Media? is available to download. In this episode the main subject is, as the sub-title suggests, the future of physical media. Other highlights include the regular segments of news, Virtualy Retro, Games of the Week and more.

Origins of the PlayStation controller
Exhibit Of Gunpei Yokoi’s Legacy
THQ creative director on used games: ‘We get cheated’
Blockbuster Reportedly Plans Bankruptcy
Will Cartridges Come Back? Is Disc Media Dead?

Virtually Retro
Ufouria now on Virtual Console, buy it or else
Scott Pilgrim vs. your Xbox
Shank (XBLA)
Worms Reloaded

Games of the Week
Raging Fighter for Game Boy
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
Shivers for PC

Email Links
eBay auction – 60+ DS Saved Game Files

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