I’ve mentioned Road Rash II before, but I never had to chance to delve into it in such depth as I have with this article posted over at the GameFan website. I’d forgotten just how much fun this game can be, especially in two player split screen mode and it still holds up well to this day. A brilliant motor biking game with a difference: you can punch, kick or club your opponents while riding alongside them, making them fall off their bike. So why not join in on the fun, hurtle down the dangerous courses at suicidal speeds, avoiding cars, speed cops and racing to win or fight or both.

Weblink: Road Rash II RETROspective at GameFan website


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  1. Alexey says:

    This is the best game conception that uses bikes,bikers and fight races with them.
    If you remember this great title, then please support a petition for a new Road Rash game.


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