Racketboy podcastThe second podcast from Racketboy has been released.  This time the podcast features interviews with both Mark Turnell and Eugene Jarvis, familiar names from the retrogaming scene.  Both men also worked together on Smash TV, which is featured in Racketboy’s “Together Retro” for this month.  Podcast content:

  • Show Outline
  • (Smash TV soundtrack excerpt)
  • Dave’s Intro
  • Interview – Mark Turmell
  • (Smash TV soundtrack excerpt)
  • Interview – Eugene Jarvis
  • Dave’s Outro
  • (John Parr – “Running Away With You”- The Running Man Soundtrack)

Weblink: http://www.racketboy.com/retro/podcast/2009/11/retrogaming-with-racketboy-podcast-episode-2.html



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