Retrogaming Times Monthly October 2010 is now online. The monthly HTML zine can be read online or downloaded to read offline anywhere. Highlights this month includes ‘Vectrexenstein – Berzerk’, ‘Apple II Incider – Transylvania’, ‘Dual Perspective – Ghosts ‘n Goblins’, ‘Mutated Output: Lame Anniversaries & Geek Role-Playing’ and more. RTM has now been running for 157 months and previous editions can be found in the archives section.



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2 Responses to “Retrogaming Times Monthly 77”

  1. You guys obviously have a high-quality thing going on here, with collaborators who are actually passionate about the subject matter, which is nice to see — kudos on an operation that I could waste hours catching up on! Us retro gamers have to stick together…

    In fact, what would it take to get my website featured by you guys?

  2. Nreive says:

    Thanks. Profiling websites has been something I have been thinking about lately, so Nintendo Legend might feature in the future sometime.

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