Issue 86 of Retro Gamer hits the UK high street stores this week. The cover feature this time around is Isometric Evolution, which looks back at the history of the isometric genre, with input from Jon Ritman (Batman, Head Over Heels) and Sandy White (Ant Attack). Another highlight this issue is The History of Streets of Rage, a feature on Sega’s classic side-scrolling beat-’em-up series. Other highlights include From the Archives – Mikro-Gen (with David Perry, Chris Hinsley and Raffaele Cecco), The Making of Zub, Obscura Machina: FM Towns Marty, The Making of Druid, A Moment With… Tim Skelly, Coin-Op Capers: Turbo OutRun and more. The magazine can also be found across the world at select stores as well as in digital form. See the Imagine shop website for more details.

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