The recent PDROMS competition v4.01 has come to an end and the results are now in.

#1 Skipp and Friends (SNES), by Mukunda Johnson, Ken Snyder, Steven Velema and Hubert Lamontagne. 1325 points – Game Card
#2 Factory Bots (GBA), by Nicholas Scheltema. 1225 points – Game Card
#3 Poomania (GBA), by Metalvotze. 1110 points – Game Card
#4 Clem the Retarded Elf 2 (GBA), by Scott Lininger. 1065 points – Game Card
#5 Shunting Puzzle (ColecoVision), by Philipp Klaus Krause. 1030 points – Game Card
#6 GemVenture (Beta) (NES), by Tom Livak. 1000 points – Game Card
#7 Gears Of Fate (Neo Geo Pocket), by Thor. 990 points – Game Card
#8 Droplets (GBA), by Herman Samso. 535 points – Game Card

Expect the majority of these games to be covered in our reviews section in issue 3 of Retroaction.


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