Lotek64 issue 31Lotek64 is a German language zine for classic game consoles and home computers, with a slight emphasis on the Commodore 64. Lotek64 was first published in 2002, is released quarterly, and is released in print format before the PDF version is made available. Both editions can be found at Lotek64′s website…

Issue 31 highlights:

  • Newsticker
  • Eye of the Beholder / C64: Interview with JackAsser
  • Knight ‘n‘ Grail (C64 review)
  • Retro Treasures: Journey Escape
  • Amiga-Play: New York City
  • Arcaderoom: Hyper Neo Geo 64 
  • Arcade: Tips and Tricks for Splatterhouse
  • From Russia With Love: Tetris:
  • Ultima: Retrospective 
  • RPG-Maker Community: Interview with Sean David Schöppler
  • …and more…

Weblink: http://www.lotek64.com/main/download.php



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