Legend of Wukong

The new Sega Mega Drive / Genesis game, Legend of Wukong, is now available to purchase from the official Legend of Wukong website.

Legend of Wukong is a traditional Role Playing Game, which sees the young Wukong accidentally sent back through time in his neighbour’s new invention. When Wukong recovers consciousness, he finds that he is in a strange village. The time machine is gone so he must find out where he is, where the time machine is, and find a way of getting back home.

The game comes with the game cartridge with authentic plastic shell (just like the classic Mega Drive/Genesis releases of old), a 16 page full colour instruction manual, and plastic clamshell case with full colour insert. All this for meagre price of (depending where you are) $46.00 (USA), £29.00 (UK), €37.00 (EU), $52.00 (rest of world). This is a PayPal payment and includes all packaging, posting, and PayPal fees.

Not got a PayPal account? Then you can send a US money order payment or an international money order in US dollars. More details can be found on the website (http://www.legendofwukong.com/). Go now.


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