We’ve all got lost in the woods at one time or another – I now I have – and now Horace has found himself in a similar predicament. Not only is Horace lost, though, but the “mystic woods” seem to be conspiring against him, resulting in Horace wandering around in, what seems to be, endless circles. Oh, my god, it’s the Blair Witch Project all over again. It’s up to you to help Horace survive the nightmare of the “mystic woods” and escape from its evil clutches.

Originally released on the Psion-3 series in 1995, Bob Smith has brought Horace back home with this conversion to the ZX Spectrum. The game can be found at Bob’s website, along with info and screenshots, and is available to download for free. While there, why not check out the other fantastic games from Bob, many of which were warmly received within the pages of Retroaction.

Weblink: http://www.bobs-stuff.co.uk/horace.html
Download: http://www.bobs-stuff.co.uk/extras/hitmw.zip
News Source: http://twitter.com/speccynews


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