Heroes Arena, a futuristic tennis style game developed by Imanok, has won the MSXDev10 game-making competition. Not only was the game voted in at first place overall, but also came away with ‘Game with Best Graphics’, ‘Most Polished Game’ and ‘Most Original Game’ awards, sharing the latter. Zombie Near, an arcade style shoot-’em-up from Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, came second and also shared ‘Most Original Game’ with Heroes Arena. The other big winner on the nigh was QBIQS, a puzzle game from SapphiRe, which came fourth overall and won the ‘Game with Best Musics’ and ‘Game with Best Gameplay’ awards. The full rundown of the MSXDev10 Jury’s results and all the games can be found at the MSXDev website.

Weblink: MSXDev10 game making compo results


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