Ghost N Zombies

Ghouls ‘n Ghosts is one of my all time fave arcade games, so it’s great to see anything related or inspired by it. Ghost N Zombies is a ColecoVision game developed by J-P Meola (a.k.a. youki) and is slated for a Fall 2009 release. The game can be pre-ordered by visiting the Collectorvision website, where you can find more details about the game and other ColecoVision titles for sale or in production. Hurry though, because there is a limited production run of 45 games (upped from its initial 25), packaged in the official CBS-ColecoVision European style copies. There’s also an excellent interview with youki over at UnNamedGaming, which is where I discovered this little gem of a game – cheers, triverse.


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