Released just a few days ago on the ZX Spectrum 128k and ZX Spectrum 3+ platforms was Cray 5. Developed by the Spanish coders Retroworks, Cray 5 is based on the 1987 classic Amstrad CPC game by Topo Soft. The game places you in the 22nd century where, during a humanitarian mission, your spaceship is hit by an asteroid and it’s your objective to prevent the ship from self destructing. Sounds easy enough if it weren’t for malfunctioning maintenance droids, electromagnetic generators and self-defence barricades. And if all that wasn’t bad enough, the radioactivity throughout the ship means that the lifespan of your protective jet-pac suit is limited, meaning you have to recharge it at appropriate places. Both the 128k and 3+ versions can be downloaded for free along with the cover art, front cover, back cover and full source code pack.

Weblink: Cray 5 Game card at Retroworks


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