Commodore Free issue 39Issue 39 of Commodore Free is out and it’s a special nostalgia edition, with memoirs from the likes of john Fielden, Peter Badrick, Chris Syntichakis, Shaun Bebbington, Charles J. Gutman and Commodore Free. Commodore Free is a monthly retrogaming magazine that comes in PDF, HTML, SEQ, Text, .DSK (C64 disk image) and features news, reviews and interviews involving the Commodore scene (C64, Amiga, VIC-20, C16). Highlights of the issue include:

- New Version: D64Lister 1.7
- CCS64 Updated
- BASIC Game Competition
- Amiga Zorro RAMBoard
- Digital Talk 90
- TAP Clean
- Clear Competition Pro
- Commodore Plus/4 Spreadsheet
- Datatool
- Return Issue 2
- VIC20 Twitter Client
- New Version of SD2IEC Released
- PET Alive!
- Commodore Free
- John Fielden
- Peter Badrick
- Chris Syntichakis
- Commodore Free (2)
- Shaun Bebbington
- Charles J. Gutman



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