Commodore Free issue 35 has been released. Commodore Free is a bi-monthly computing magazine that comes in PDF, HTML, SEQ, Text, .DSK (C64 disk image) and features news, reviews and interviews involving the Commodore scene (C64, Amiga, VIC-20, C16). Highlights this issue includes (and yes, that’s us down there):

 Commodore Free #35 Commodore Free #35 Retroaction Q&A Commodore Free #35 FPS Compo Commodore Free #35 geoglyph

  • 1541 Ultimate MkII Update progress
  • Commodore Scene VGA adaptor Update
  • NATAMI project
  • Interview: Gideon Zweijter (1541 ultimate)
  • Interview: Neil Reive (Retroaction magazine)
  • Commodore Free FPS challenge
  • Evil Computers by Lord Ronin
  • GeoGlyph review



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