Issue one of a new Polish magazine, C & A Games is out now. From the makers of C & A Fan, this flashy designed new zine covers old and new games on the Commodore machines. The first issue comes with a supplement game, Knoorki, which is the focus for this issue, including an interview with the coder, and other extras. The PDF archived magazine, and all the extras, can be downloaded from the C & A website for free. Games reviews in this issue include:

C & A Games issue 1 C & A Games issue 1C & A Games issue 1 C & A Games issue 1C & A Games issue 1

Sub Hunter (C64)
River Rescue (VIC-20)
International Karate (C64)
Jungle Hunt (C64)
Walker (Amiga)
The Detective (C64)
P47 Thunderbolt (C64)
The Dunwich Horror (C64)
Super Monaco GP (C64)
Saucer Attack! (C64)
Test Drive (C64)
Commando (C64)
Space Invaders 4 (PET)
Red Heat (C64)
Lotus III (Amiga)
Powers of Gloom (C64)
Knoorkie (C64)
Swiateczna Awaria (Amiga)
Jeep Command (C64)
Worms (Amiga)
Flyin’ High (Amiga)
Death Race (C16/+4)
Operation Tunderbolt (C64)



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