The original Bionic Granny has been hailed as one of the worst games in gaming history, even being bestowed with the ‘Retro Shamer’ title in an issue of Retro Gamer, so why would you want to revisit the game? Well, The New Dimension (programming, graphics and music by Richard Bayliss) probably thought they could make it playable, because, despite the original game’s atrociousness, there is some wicked humour in there. The plot? Well, not content with clobbering school kids with her walking stick, Bionik Granny now takes her anger out on any innocent citizens. By taking out five nuisances (i.e. innocent people) Granny will be rewarded with a gold coin. There are eight levels to play through including bonuses along the way.

Source: Bionik Granny Returns at CSDb


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