As we head ‘back in time’ for another nostalgic trip down retrogaming lane, we stop off at May 1991. It was a time of change with Amiga Power launching and a new weekly games magazine called Games-X being launched. Not only that but The One magazine has split into two: The One for Amiga Games and The One for ST Games. Games wise, the magazines were covering the likes of Lemmings, Railroad Tycoon and Skull & Crossbones.

As usual four reviews have been chosen from the magazines to accompany the main article as online articles. This includes Hero Quest on the Amiga from Games-X issue 1, Total Recall on the Amstrad CPC from Amstrad Action issue 68, Exile on the Amiga from Amiga Power issue 1 and Lemmings on the Atari ST from The One for ST Games issue 32.

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