Videogaming Magazine Preservation

Out-of-Print Archive
Website dedicated to preserving classic video gaming magazines.

The Atari ST Magazine Archive
An online project that is archiving magazines that covered the Atari ST computer.

Old Games Mags
A scanning project that contains a variety of gaming mags from round the world.

Retro Gaming Mags
A scanning project that contains a variety of videogaming mags from the UK.

Amiga Magazine Rack
An Amiga magazine resource site with reviews, previews, cheats, coverdisks, public domain, covers, trivia and thousands of page scans.

World of Spectrum
Over 200 magazines and zines archived including extras. NES Magazine Archive
The NES magazine section at includes classics such as N Force, Total!, Club Nintendo and Nintendo Magazine System.

The Def Guide To ZZap!64
“[Zzap!64] was the best UK C64 games magazine, covers, articles, game reviews etc. online.” “Zzap!64 Zzuperstore, the place to buy the DVDs of Zzap and Crash scanned issues, along with 10′s of other classic magazines.”

The Your Sinclair Rock’n'Roll Years
“Your Sinclair tribute site, with game reviews, and loads of other groovy stuff.”

CRASH magazine: The Online Edition
“(ZX Spectrum) magazine homepage. … This site is dedicated to CRASH, the ZX Spectrum magazine which was published from 1984 to 1991 by Newsfield”
Website devoted to scanning old video game magazines.

Magazines from the Past Wiki
A wikisite that covers UK videogaming magazines, from the magazine profiles, issue contents/indexes, journalist profiles, publishing company profiles and more.

Atari Museum – Magazine Archive
Archive website featuring many Atari magazines, including Atari Age, Atari Club, The Atari Connection and more.

Classic Computer Magazine Archive
A sizeable archive of online material from classic Atari magazines such as Antic, STart, Compute!, ST Log and more.

Computer Gaming World Museum
Online archive of the Computer Gaming World magazine

Acorn Electron World
Complete archives of Electron User, Computer Gamer…

The Computer Magazine Archives
Dozens of computer magazine archives such as ACE, Amstrad Action, Amtix, Atari User, Big K, Commodore User, C&VG, Crash, Your Commodore and much more…

A collection of scanned magazines in OCR PDF format.