There is a legend that there once lived a three-headed beast called Morgul. This Morgul was once the cause of all the nightmares for mankind. For some time now people have again been tormented by nightmares, hardly anyone dares to set a foot outside and there is a dreadful fear that Morgul has returned.As the only man on Earth who’s courage has not yet deserted him, you are sent off, once again to free human kind from its burden of fear. You have been armed with the latest weapons and technical equipment for this mission. Find Morgul in his kingdom, and destroy him once and for all. While controlling Turrican, you can run, jump, and duck. The weapons in the game are also great with many weapons and upgrades available, including laser gun and the gyroscope (a small rotating spike that takes out the enemy). Then there are the mines, the flash, energy lines, and grenades.The end of level guardians are worthy of a special mention – giant monsters which fill the screen and even larger. Turrican himself is beautifully animated. Every part of his body seems to move in a muscular sort of way.

In a time when platform games were getting stale, Turrican merged several genres – platform, shoot-‘em-up, and adventure – and made something astonishingly addictive. Variety is essential in this type of game and Turrican supplies it.

Graphically it’s superb, from the robotic Turrican sprite to the imaginative backgrounds. The levels are superbly designed with some great touches like waterfalls, chasms, wind tunnels, invisible platforms, wooden bridges, etc. A true arcade game on the 8-bit.
In Turrican you will guide your hero through five different worlds – of which are absolutely huge – where he will be confronted by various perils. Three of these worlds extend over three levels, the other two over two levels. Ever changing enemies will constantly try to destroy you. You will have to use your weapons skilfully in order to survive. To aid you in battle, you may gather up further weapons and other extras such as force fields and extra lives.

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2 Responses to “Retro Respect: Turrican”

  1. gnome says:

    Excellent write-up, excellent game, and -well- excellent hand-boss!

  2. Nreive says:

    While I always admired the Turrican games from afar, I never truly got into them. That was probably due to the rather poor conversion – certainly compared to the original – we CPCers got.

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